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I have been meaning to do this blog, for a while now, about the Wizard-Hub, on Kirks Build, and hopefully, now it’s been made our users will benefit more from it. As it offers so much to our Users.

Aswel as the Wizard Hub, being there to install the Builds, and Update, It is also there for many other things too. It is also a cleaner, Maintenance tool, APK Installer, just to name a few.

First of all, we will go through each section, and I will explain what each section is for. The Wizard Hub can be located, on the Main Menu of all Kirks Builds. (See pic below) And the Submenu (The menu under the Wizard Hub) shows the other features, and is shortcuts to sections of the Wizard-Hub. Below I will explain what each section is.


APK Installer: The Apk installer, is a fantastic feature to the Wizard. And is the ”Go To” for all the best Apks. (Apps )

Once you select the APK  Installer, you will see a list of Categories. ”Featured”  ”KirksBuild Apks” ”DR. Ventures Category” ”Movies & TV” and so on.

See pic Below

Once you go into the sections, you will see a list of Apps, which you can install. (See pic Below)

All the best and latest Apk’s will be in this section. As you can see in the picture. Once you select the App you want to install, you will be prompted to a install page. (See pic below)

Just move the icon over to Download, and the download will start. (Please remember, that the icon which is darker, is the selected icon.) The App will now start to download.

Once the icon has finished downloaded, you will be prompted to install the App. (See below)

Once you install the App, you are done, and can use this Apk.


Can I access my installed Apps, through the Build. Instead of having to go to device Apps?


The answer to this question is yes. Since the Build update. You can now easily access all your Device Apps, though the Build.


You can access your installed device Apps, on the Submenu of Add-Ons. There is a submenu icon which says ”Android Apps”

(See pic below.)

Once you select Android Apps, you will see a list of all the Apps, which are installed on your device. (See below)

As you can see in the pic above, Terrarium, is now installed, and can easily be accessed, through Android Apps. And this is how the Apk Installer works.


Update Build:

Update Build, is a great function, that we have been able to introduce to the Build. When a Build is usually updated, the User has to Clear Data, and have to reinstall the Build from scratch. Losing all their Favourites, Data, Trakt, Real-Debrid, and so on.

Users of ”Kirks Build” don’t need to Clear Data, when an Update is released to the Build, the User will receive a notification, to say an update is available. By clicking ”Update Build” you will be able to install the latest version.. This feature enables us to be able to always keep the Build up to date, with the current and best working Add-Ons. If an Add-On goes down, or discontinues, then we can replace it, quite easily.  Users can also click ”Update Build” whenever they like. To install the latest version of  the build.


Clear Thumbs:

The Clear Thumbs, is a great feature to the Wizard. And is a cleaning tool. Users can press this whenever they like, and it will Clear Cache, Temp files, Packages, and so on. And helps with Buffering issues. I normally do this once a week. Along with Turning my modem/Router off for a minute, then back on. By doing this, I never experience buffering issues.



Wondering where to find the best guides and tutorials? Then look no further  than our Tutorials & Guide section.

In this section, you will find all the latest, and best Videos, with Guides & Tutorials. You will also be able to watch DR. Ventures videos, as each video he makes gets added to he’s section. You will also find videos and Guides, which are linked to Kirks Build. From ”How to update the links in the TV Guide, to how to update the Build. You will find all these videos, and guides, in this section. (This image, is of the FaF Build. There is many more videos now, than in this image.


The Tweak & Fixes section of the Wizard Hub is also a great addition to the Wizard Hub. Once you open the Tweak & Fixes on the Submenu (See pic)

Once you open the Tweaks/Fixes section, you will see the following list.

Each one of these offer something different.

Advanced Settings: You can use the prevent Buffering settings within the Advanced settings. Dr. Venture has made a great video on how to do this: https://




  • Scan Sources for Broken Links: This will scan your Build, and fix any broken links
  • Scan for broken Repositories: Same as above, but fixes Repositories
  • Fix Add-Ons not updating: If your having issues with a particular Add-On, which isn’t updating. Then try this function to fix the issue.
  • Remove Non – Ascii filenames: What it says on the tin, this option will remove Non Ascii filenames.
  • Convert paths to special: This option, will convert all paths to special.
  • System Information: This will show your System information.

If you have a look within the Fixes menu, you will pick up on most of the stuff, it is pretty basic, but if used right. It’s a fantastic feature.


Builds Menu:

The Builds menu, is where you will go to install or update Builds.

When you enter the Builds menu, you will see two Builds. ”Passion Led Us Here”    and the ”Neon Green Build”

Always remember, when you are updating the Build, or you already have a Build installed. You will need to select the ”Fresh Install option. When you are installing the Build for the first time, then you will need to select ”Standard Install” option. Or if using our Apk, ”First Install” when installing the Build onto a clean Kodi.



The maintenance section, has far too many features, and sections, for me to add them all to this section. But from doing the Kodi 17 Fix, to saving your Build. This is where you will do this.



The Wizard Settings section, is a very important part of the Wizard. Below I will add all the Settings Images, and break down what they do.

Build options: The Build options, will show you what version of  the Build you have, along with the next check for update. 

MaintenanceThe Maintenance Tab, is the settings, for Maintenance section, so you can change where you would like to store the Build, when saving. You can also edit clean-up, Crash logs, and all the rest of the Maintenance section of the Wizard Hub..


Install Settings: In my opinion, this is the most important part of the Wizard. This is where you will select what you want to keep on the Build when updating. As you can see in the image above. There is multiple options, to Keep Favourites, Installed Add-Ons, Installed Repositories, Whitelist Add-Ons, Sources and so on…. Always make sure that you select what you would like to keep in this section. For example, if you choose to keep Favourites, then when you next update the Build, you won’t lose your Favourites. A fantastic feature.. 


Trakt Settings / Real Debrid Settings: Nothing Is more annoying, if you are a Trakt and Real-Debrid user, than after every Update, having to go into URL Resolver and have to Re Authorise your Real-Debrid, then have to go into each Video- Add-On, and have to edit the settings. With this tab, you can select to keep your Trakt details, and Real-Debrid details. 

Simply, select to keep your Real-Debrid & Trakt Data. Once you do this, the next time you update the Build, you will not have to mess around having to re add all these features. So aswel as not having to Clear Data on the Build, whenever an update is released, you also get to keep all your Trakt & Debrid data.


We hope that you have found this page useful. If you would like to ask any questions, in regards to the Wizard Hub, then please feel free to comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.


Thanks for reading my Blog.




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