Good evening everyone, in this post, I will be showing you how easy it is, to Update the Build. When you first installed the Build, you would have selected the ”Standard Install option. This option is always selected on a clean version of Kodi.

But the update function, the ”Fresh install option, is the one that needs to be selected.

There is many benefits, of updating your Build. When we do updates on the Build, if Repos change, or a certain Add-On goes down, then we can change this almost instantly, ensuring that the user (you) always has an up to date Build, with everything in good working order. With the new update system, that we now have in our Wizard, its extremely easy for the users to update. You don’t even need to worry, if you have Favourites, or you have installed add-ons, or have Real-Debrid, Trakt, etc. When you update the build, you will not lose any of this data, if you select them in the Wizard Hub options.

If you don’t want to keep your favourites, or Data, then scroll down to the ”How to Update” section. If you do want to keep your favourites, and data, then first of all, you will need to select the Wizard settings. This can be found, in the Sub section of the Wizard Hub. Just scroll to the Wizard Hub, and press down on the menu, and select Settings.

When you enter the Settings tab like shown in the picture below:


You will need to press down to Install settings category, like in the picture below:

This is where you will select the option, you would like to keep, for the updated version. So for example, if you have added extra Add-ons, or Repositories, you would select the keep Installed Repositories. To keep your Favourites, you would select the keep my favourites. As you can see in the pic above, there is also other options, like Real-Debrid Settings, and Trakt. If you select to keep these settings, you will not need to have to go through all the process if having to Re-Authorise URL Resolver. Or even edit the settings of particular Add-Ons, with the new Update feature, you can now transfer all this data over to the new updated version. Go through the different options, and select the ones you want to keep, it’s as simple as that.


How to update:

First of all, you will need to head to the Wizard Hub section of the Build, and press down to the Submenu, and select the  Builds/Themes option. As shown in the pic below.

Once you have entered the Builds Menu, you need to click on the Build you have Installed. In this case, I have the ”Passion Led Us Here” Build. So will now select that Build. As shown in the image below:


Once you have selected the Build you have installed. You will need to scroll to the bottom of that page, to where it says ”Fresh Install” As shown in the image below:


Once you have Highlighted the ”Fresh Install’ you need to select this option. You will then be shown a message which will say, Do you wish to restore your Kodi configuration to Kodi default settings, before installing KirksBuild  – Passion Led Us Here v 1. x  As shown in the image below:

You need to select Continue. This will then start the process, of deleting the old Build, and then will go to the next process of installing the Build.

It is as simple as that. All you need to do, is make sure that you select the ”Force close Kodi” option at the end of the install. And allow a minute or two on first launch, for Add-Ons and plugins to update, and the cleaner to do it’s thing.


You now have updated the Build, and are good to go.



We are very happy to be able to bring this feature to the Wizard, and we thank Aftermath Wizard for providing this for our Wizard.



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