Hello everyone, 

As most people know, we have been working on the website, of Kirks Build, over the last few weeks, to come up with something,  to try and offer more information, about Kirks Build, and offer a go to place, for our users, to find information on the Build, the Wizard, Apk, and anything related to ”Kirks Build” 

Obviously, the Website, is at the very early stages, and at the moment, there isn’t that much information on the Website, but we will be adding more and more content to it daily. 

It’s very exciting times, for Kirks Build, and we have some amazing new things coming, over the next few weeks, without me giving too much away. But, lets just say Ezzerman, Bob, and myself are all working on things to improve the Build, even more, and hopefully, with the new website, content, will be much easier to access for our users.

Users, can also Connect through Facebook, Twitter, and Google, aswel as all the main Social Media websites, and Apps, making it much easier to access, post reply’s, Share, and register.

We are currently looking for Bloggers, who would be willing, to give up a little of their time, to post Blogs to the website, whether that be on Add-Ons, Kodi News, TV, or anything which would help users, of not just Kirks Build, but any Build.

Please keep checking back, to check the new content, which will be added over the coming days.

And thank-you for being patient. 🙂

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