We regularly get user(s) of ”Kirks Builds” asking what the benefits of using  Real-Debrid, and what effect this has on your Kodi experience.

Real Debrid, is a premium service (Is rather cheap) And the rewards are certainly something, that has massively helped me, with my Kodi experience.

Real-Debrid, also stops with the user having to pair Openload links, and Videome links, and having to contantly go to links, for pairing on Movies, which usually lasts 4 hours, from when you pair your device. Once you set up your Real-Debrid and put the details into Kodi, you will no longer need to pair your device. Which i found rather annoying.

Once you configure a debrid service within Kodi, you’ll get access to the premium hosts that your debrid service offers, different debrid services give access to different premium hosts. It is important to understand that these debrid services aren’t hosts, they simply act as a proxy, bridge, or passthrough between your system and the host’s premium service.

It will give you access to certain hosts that wouldn’t even previously show up on the source list because they don’t provide free service. You’ll find that many of these services are faster, because they only provide service to authorized users, and not the entire internet. Examples of this are File Factory and RapidGator.

It will also give you access to the premium version of certain free services, meaning faster streaming through the hosts you’re already accustomed to using. It will mean more reliable, faster streaming to hosts you couldn’t previously use because of excess buffering. Examples of this are MovShare and NowVideo, and Openload.

Remember that these debrid services have nothing to do with the video quality being less than reported by the addon, that is likely an issue with the site that indexes the links that power the addon, generally because the site has mislabled the quality of the links in the first place. Some debrid services also provide a variety of other features such as cloud torrenting and VPN.

It is the users choice, as to whether they would want to use Real-Debrid, or not, but some Add-Ons, are having Real-Debrid, sections (You will see RD at the side of them) by not having Real-Debrid, you will not be able to benfit from using these sections, as you would having it. Below is a price plan from some of the Real-Debrid services.

Real-Debrid Service Price Plans

We hope that this page has helped, clear up some of the questions users have, and what benefits you will get by taking out Real-debrid.

Thank-You for visiting our page.


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