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Nothing is more annoying, than experiencing buffering issues, when trying to watch a movie or TV Show. A build, doesn’t affect buffering issues, it is usually down to internet issues, or your device being overloaded with Apps. Buffering can be prevented, by doing just a couple of steps. Which I do on a weekly basis, and never experience buffering issues.


First of all, you will need to click ”Clear Thumbs” under the Wizard Hub.

This can be located, in the Wizard – Hub sub-menu. As shown in the pic above.


Second of all, we strongly advise, that you turn your Router/Modem off for a minute or two, then back on. Each time, you visit a website, watch a Movie, or Show, or use an App, your Modem fills with Cache and Data. By restarting your router, you are resetting this, and it usually fixes 90% of buffering issues.


And last, but certainly not least, you can use the Advances settings, in our Wizard Hub, to edit the Buffering scale. Dr. Venture has made a great video on how to do this


As long as you do these steps, you should never experience Buffering.


We hope this post was helpful. Feel free to comment below, if you need any assistance.

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