As some people are aware, we have now introduced a brand new Wizard. We at Kirks Build, had been talking about a name change for a while, we wanted a name which represented us more as a team, rather than an individual. And Insomniacs was what we come up with.  Click to join our Facebook Group

Everything else will remain the same, the Builds will still be well maintained, and the Updates, will still work the same way as before. (By simply clicking ”Update Build” in the Wizard-Hub Submenu) And we will still have the ”Passion Led Us Here” Build, aswel as the Neon Green Build. And we will be introducing some brand new Builds soon… (All our Builds can be found in the Insomniacs-Builds section of the Wizard Hub.

Here is a complete step by step guide on How to Install our new Insomniacs Wizard.

With our new Wizard, aswel as keeping the very popular Apk Installer, Maintenance, and other features, we have now been able to add a ”Community Builds” section. Which is growing popular. In there, you will find Builds from Ezzerman, Chappie, Xtreme Builds, and many more…

Another great feature to the Insomniacs Wizard, is that the User now has the option, to Install Adult Builds. (To see Adult Builds, you need to Enable it in the Wizard Settings, first.) (To find Wizard settings, Go to Programme Add-ons, and highlight Insomniacs Party, then hold ”OK” and Configure.)

As always, Users can download & Install Apks, in our Apk Installer section of the Wizard. From Freeflix HQ, Terrarium, or Live Lounge… You will find all these Apks in the Wizard..

We would advise all Users of Kirks Build, to ”Clear Data” on Kodi, and Re-Install the new Wizard. No builds will be updated on the older Wizard anymore. And the old Wizard will be closed in the coming days…

22/01/18: ”Passion Led Us Here” Build Updated. 

Please bear with us whilst we get everything else in place, (New Website) added, and step b step guides made  etc..


We hope you like the new Wizard 🙂






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