Build size: 197mb (Perfect for all devices, including lower end devices)

Good morning everyone.

All users, will have received a notification, that the Passion Led Us Here build update is released version 1.2. Thankfully, Updating on Kirks Build, has never been easier. Unlike most Builds, when an Update is released. Usually, the user has to Clear Data, and totally reinstall the Build. With the new Kirks Wizard, users can now Fresh Install, when an Update is released. Making it super easy for the user, to always have an up to date version of the Build. Users can also Update, without losing their Favourites, Real Debrid details, Trakt, added Repos, and Add-Ons and much more. To read how to do this Click this link


Why we have had to release another Update:

Due to some Add-ons discontinuing, and the issues with the URL Resolver, we have had no option, but to do an update this morning.

The URL Resolver, is the most reliable plugin for Kodi. For users who don’t know what the URL Resolver is. The easiest way of putting it, is that its the plugin that finds the URL’s to the content you watch on Kodi. If you go to a Movie Add-On, and search for a Movie, or try and play a TV Show. The Url is what we all rely on to do this.

The Developer (Jsergio), who has kindly been maintaining the Resolver, suddenly announced he was retiring. This left everything up in the air, and unsure who would take over maintaining, this Gem of a plugin. Aswel as this bad news, was the announcement, that Collossus Repo had stopped, which also meant Add-ons like Bennu, Covenant, just to name a few, was no longer supported, or maintained. These Repo’s all shut down, along with the Resolver update.

As we keep explaining, if an Add-On isn’t working, then we have absolutely no control over this, but what we can do, is replace the non working Add-Ons, with new working Add-Ons, have we have done today.  And when we push an update out, Users can install the update within a minute.

Please remember, that we spend a lot of hours, maintaining the Build, and making sure that the Build is well maintained, and up to date. And we provide this service totally FREE of charge.

How do I update the Build?

Updating the Build has never been easier. There is multiple ways of Updating. A pop up, will normally appear. Notifying you of the Update, and will ask you if you would like to Fresh Install, Standard Install, or remind you later. If you want to do the Update now, simply click the ”Fresh Install” option.

You can also update, by clicking the Wizard-Hub. You will see a red text notification, saying *Update Available*  Simply click this, then ”Fresh Install”

There is also, a ”Update” option under the Wizard Hub in the Submenu. Once you select Fresh Install, the Wizard will start, and delete the older version, and Install the latest version.

Will I lose my Favourites, or data?

No, with our new Wizard, Users, can select if they want to keep their Favourites, added Repos, Super Favourites, and so on. You can do this in the Wizard-Hub settings. Simply click Wizard-Hub, then Settings, and scroll down to the Install Tab. There, you will see multiple options. Click to read on how to save your data


Feel free to comment below, with any questions, you may have. And we will answer you as soon as possible.





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