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It’s come to that time again, where a new version of Kodi is now available, In this Blog, we will give information on  how you can Update Kodi to the latest version. And will give a detailed description, of what fixes are involved with the latest version of Kodi. It is super easy, to update Kodi to the latest version, which can be done By following just a few simple steps. It is not a requirement to update to the latest version. Kodi 17.4 will still work, I usually wait, a couple of days, before updating my version of Kodi. This is due to there usually being a couple of fixes, that Kodi rely on users, to report. But with this new version of Kodi having security fixes, I will update my Kodi now. So, what fixes, has Kodi implied to the latest version of Kodi? Below, is a statement released directly by Kodi:


Kodi v17.5 final: Another bunch of fixes

 It has been a while since we released 17.4, which fixed several issues. Now the time has come to do another named 17.5 where we have tackled several more issues that were identified. Although we already moved on with development towards v18 we do take the time to fix issues for the current release when we can. We recommend every one to upgrade to this version once it’s available for their platform to have the best experience possible. If you want to know what has changed you can browse the list below:
Fixes done in this release:
  • Joysticks: Fix accelerometers preventing screensaver
  • More robust way of handling audio output on variety of Android devices
  • Fix playback of DVD file over network on Linux
  • Update to FFmpeg 3.1.11
  • Fix up and down buttons on ir remotes with macOS High Sierra
  • Added latest apple devices to allow retina support
  • Fix not being able to add content manually to videolibrary
  • Fix power message handling for CEC
  • Fix jumping timeline while switching channel groups in Guide window.

There is always a little bit of confusion, with updating Kodi, when a new version is released. And many times, users uninstall Kodi, thinking this is what they need to do.You don’t need to do this. You can update Kodi, without losing any of your data, or without losing your current Build.


If using an Android Device, and you already have a Build installed, you can update without losing your Build, or Data. Just follow these few simple steps below:

Steps: Updating to Kodi 17.5 on Android Device:

  • Open Play Store Android app
  • Add account or sign up
  • Search for Kodi
  • Click and install Kodi
  • Google Play will install the correct version for your device
  • Kodi will now be installed on your Android device


Steps install Kodi 17.5  Firestick, update Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick


  • Go into Fire TV Settings / Developer Options and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources. Also, turn on ADB Debugging and/or USB Debugging
  • Exit to home screen then navigates to the search button. Type in the box “Downloader” then click download or get to install the Downloader app
  • Launch Downloader
  • Use the bar on the left to open a web browser
  • Navigate to
  • Finally, click a Kodi 17.5 link to automatically download and install Kodi onto your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV


 Watch the step by step video guide, by the amazing Ebox below:


We hope this Blog was informative, and helpful. Please feel free to comment, and let us know how you got on with updating Kodi to 17.5.




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