Hello all,

Yesterday I installed Kodi 17.5 (Which is the final Kodi 17.5 release.

Users of all Builds have been experiencing issues once installing Kodi 17.5. Add-Ons not loading, Covenant, Elysium, streams not working, and getting a crash/Blank screen.

I also experienced the same Issues, and had noticed that members of other groups was also posting help topics, to say that they was experiecing Issues, when updating to Kodi 17.5.

We strongly recommend that users uninstall Kodi 17.5 and reinstall either Kodi 17.4 or 17.3.

Here is a video explaining some of the issues users of all Builds have been experiencing, since the switch to 17.5.


Please note: Whatever Build you are using, whether it be on of Kirks Builds, or a different Build. Changing from 17.5 back to 17.4 will make a big difference.

For users struggling to find a version of Kodi 17.4 you can download and Install Kirks Build 17.4 Apk.

Our Apk, can run along side Kodi too, as it is a Fork, so you can have 2 Builds on your device, when using our APK.

For Users of Kirks Build. It is very easy to install our 17.4 Apk. Simply go to the Wizard Hub section on the Build and click Apk Installer.

A list of Apks will show. Click and Install Kirks Build 17.4 Apk.

Once installed, you will be prompted to the Builds Menu. Click on the Build you want to install then “Standard Install”

You now have Kirks Build installed with Kodi 17.4.


For users not using Kirks Build: You will need to enter the following address into your browser: http://bob.kirksbuild.co.uk/apks

A list of Apks will appear. Click on KirksBuild 17.4 Apk and it will download to your device.

Locate the downloaded Apk and Install.

You now have a 17.4 version of Kodi installed. You can install any Build on our 17.4 Apk.



We hope this post was helpful.


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