Hello everyone,


Well, with the new release of the ”Passion Led us here Build” and the problems with Kodi 17.5.0 it has certainly been an eventful week. First the issues, with the Add-Ons not loading, due to the Kodi error. Then the issues with some Add-Ons. Then some users having issues, installing the new Build

We are happy to announce, that everything is now back up, running and working perfectly. We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, to get the issues resolved. Both the Passion Led Us Here Build, and the Neon Green Build, is now on the Wizard, aswel as the Wookie Wizard, in Community Builds.

If you have experiences issues, with the Passion Led Us Here Build, then we would highly recommend Re-Installing the Build, and it should run perfectly now. Even if you haven’t had any issues, if your version of the Build is older than 06/11/2017 we would suggest Re-installing the Build.

Please note, that if a particular Add-On, like Covenant, and Elysium, are having issues, that is something we have absolutely no control over. And usually, when there is an issue, with a particular Add-On, it is usually resolved in no time. We always recommend using Real-Debrid, as it finds lots more links for Movies, Shows, and much more. Where a User without Real-Debrid will get a certain amount of movie links, with Real-Debrid, you will get many, many more, and won’t have any problems finding a source. So it may be something worth looking into, to massively improve your Kodi experience. Click to read our Real-Debrid page.


Any Users, installing the Builds from todays date, should have no issues installing both Builds. Also, please note: That when you launch the Build, for the first time, after installing, please allow time, for the cleaner, to show files cleaned, (The cleaner starts on every startup)  before navigating to where you need to go.

We hope you are enjoying the New Build.

As usual, users can comment on this post below, we would love to know what you think of the new Build.



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