Good afternoon all,

Some Users have been mentioning on the Facebook Group, that some of the links in the TV Guide, are not working.

The biggest problem with using free channels, is that one moment they can be working great, the next they can be down. And often, the Add-On developer, changes the links on a weekly basis, so by following the guide below, you can keep the links up to date, and running at it’s best.

It is up to the User to keep the links updated. And this can be done in just a few steps. In the Passion Led Us Here Build, the Guide has been all set up for the user, and the Live channels in the Add-Ons have been already added. The user just needs to update them now and again. (If you want to add your own Live Channels, in certain Add-Ons, then Click this link )

First of all, you will need to open the Ivue TV-Guide. (Pic Below)

Once you have opened the Guide, press back on your remote, or Keypad. (Pic Below)

You will see a list of options, you need to scroll across to the Ivue Tools, at the end and click it. Once you click Ivue Tools, Then select the “Ivue Creator” option, you will see the following menu (Pic Below)

You now need to scroll down and click ”Update all Add-Ons”       (Pic below)

Once you have clicked ”Update all Add-Ons” a box will appear as shown below:

The process will now start, and the Ivue Creator will now go through each Add-On, which is linked to the TV Guide, and get rid of any dead links, and will add any new links in them Add-Ons. This process can take 5 minutes or so, but is well worth it in the end. If you get any Error Messages, just click the ”OK” option, as that Add-On could be currently down, or can be being worked on.

Below is some pictures of the process:

Once the process has finished. You will see a box, which will tell you how many links have been updated. (Pic Below)

1431 Links have now been added to the guide. And the Guide should work a lot better. Please note: With using the free Add-Ons, it is always hit & miss, and if you want a perfect streaming experience, it is always best to look at getting a premium service.


I hope this guide was helpful. Please feel free to comment below, if you would like to ask any questions.



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