Hello everyone,

As many are aware, we have  got a brand new Wizard. Here I will give a step by step guide on how to install our new Wizard.

First of all, you will need to go to your device settings, and clear data on Kodi.

Once you have cleared Data, then open Kodi, and follow these steps:

As you can see in the image below, you need to click on the settings icon   Which is highlighted below.


Once you have clicked the settings cog, you then need to click Player settings, as shown below:

Once in player settings, you need to scroll to the bottom, where it says Standard, (As shown Below)

You need to click this twice, to change it to Expert (As shown Below)

Once you have changed it to Expert, press back once, to the Settings Menu, and click  ”File Manager” (As shown below)

Once you are in File Manager, you need to click the ”Add Source” option, (As shown below)

Once you have clicked ”Add Source” you will see a box as shown below

First of all Click the top box which shows as <None>  and enter the following exactly as shown in the pic below:   http://wiz.insomniacs.party   (Once you have entered the URL, please click ”OK”

You now need to name the file, so click the second option, as highlighted below:

And enter: Insomniacs and then click ”OK” (As shown below)

You will now see the ”Insomniacs” file which you have added, (As shown Below)

You now need to press back, and then select the ”Add-Ons” Tab, as highlighted below:

Once in Add-ons, please click the cog icon in the top left of the screen (As shown below)

Then select ”Install from Zip file” (As shown below)

A box will appear. Please click on ”Settings” (Shown below)

Scroll down, and click  ”Unknown Sources” (Shown below)

A box will appear, as shown below, select ”Yes”

Once you have selected ”Yes” press back, and select ”Install from Zip file”  As shown below:

A list will appear, find the ”Insomniacs” file which you have made (As below)

And select ”Click to Install” (As shown)

Please allow a few moments, for the Wizard to Install to your Device.

Once the Wizard installs, you will see a Menu appear. select ”Builds Menu”

(You can also enter the Builds Menu, by pressing back, then entering the Insomniacs Wizard, then ”Insomniacs-Builds” Menu)

Once in the Builds menu, you will see the insomniacs Builds as shown below

Select your preferred Build (In my case, this would be the ”Passion Led Us Here”

**Important Information**

Please remember, once you click the Build you want to Install, you will be asked if you want to run a Fresh Start.  ”Select No (Shown Below)

Your Build will now start to Download & Install as shown below:

At the end of the Install, you will see a Download Complete message. (As shown Below)  ”Select ”OK”

The Build is now installed….. Enjoy!





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