Hello everyone,

The website, is now Launched, and many features have now been added to the site.

Anyone is welcome to use this website, to make posts, about anything Kodi related. Or to do with Kirks Build.

It could be that your a User of Kodi, and want to put some useful information out there, which will be beneficial to other users of Kodi, and users of our website. whilst also being able to share on social Media. The website, is fully integrated with Facebook, and other social Media sites. Making it super easy, to interact with other users, and create blogs/Posts. And connecting through Facebook, and other social Media sites.

We welcome anyone to use the site, to reach out, and create posts, with helpful information.

You could be a Dev, or a Kodi Builder, or Skinner, and want to post about your Add-Ons, Builds, or Guides, to let users know your latest information. Whilst being able to post images, youtube Video links, and much more, and put this into one single post, which you cant do on Social Media.

How do I create a New post?

First of all, you will need to Log in, or Connect to the website. As shown in the pic below, there is a Login to Facebook icon. Click this to either connect through Facebook, or create a new account. 

Once you have logged in, you will see in the top left, there is a + Icon, with the word ”New” next to it. (See pic above)


Simply click the Plus sign, and a option to make a new post will appear. As shown Below.

Create your Post/Blog: As you can see in the Pic above, you are now creating a new Post. You can post images, YouTube links, and much more.


Once you have finished making your post, hit the Submit for Review icon on the right. (As shown Blelow)


My apologies, for the not so great quality pictures, I will replace them soon, with better ones, just wanted to show how easy it was to create a post. There is many benefits, of creating posts, to help other users, with their Kodi experience, and not having to worry about the post being deleted, or closed down, like on social Media.


I hope this post was useful, so what are you waiting for? Get Creating your first post.


Thank-You for reading my post.


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