As everyone knows, the Colour scheme to Kirks Build, main Theme is Neon Green, and sometimes, its nice as a user to be able to change the look of your build. Now users of “Kirks Build” can do just that, while maintaining the Build, and not losing any saved Data, or favourites etc.. You can change Themes as many times as you like. And the great news, is the Neon Blue Theme has just been updated, by the talented Bob!.. Who is also working on another Purple & Pink, Ladies Theme, which is also available now..


The Themes, loads the exact same Build. So each time the Main Build is updated. The Themes are updated too. And as the Main Build is constantly updated, so will the Themes. So if you fancy a change, but want to keep all the best Add-ons, then all you need to do is follow these steps. For this tutorial, I will be installing, the Neon Blue Theme.


  • First of all, you will need to head to the Wizard Hub section, and click ”Neon Blue Theme” 


  • Once you have selected the Neon Blue Theme, you will be asked if you would like to Download the Theme: (Choose Yes) As shown below, your new Theme, will Download and Install.

  • Once, the Theme download’s and Installs, you will be asked, if you would like to force close kodi, or reload Profile. (Make sure, that you select ”Force Close” ) As shown below.

  • Once, your Kodi force closes, Re-Launch Kodi. You will notice the Menu has changed, but the Backgrounds, are still showing the old images, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. And the next step will resolve this issue, and load all your new backgrounds.


  • Now, head to the Wizard Hub, and select the ”Clear Thumbs” (Click, ”Clean All”)
  • (This will clear any old files, thumbs, packages, and will also load your new images, for your new Theme. As shown Below):

Congratulations, your new Theme is now installed, with the new Theme loaded, along with the new Images, and backgrounds. 


Users, can change Theme, as many times as they like, by just following the same steps as above. If a user, would like to convert, back to the Neon Green Theme, then all they simply do, is select the Revert to original Theme. And it will revert you back, just remember, to clear thumbs, once you install the Theme. 


Many, other Themes, will be added, over the coming months, and Bob has been talking, about adding Football Themes, for different clubs, as well as a Kids theme, and much more. 


Bob, has also made a great Ladies, Pinky Theme, which is proving to be very popular with some users of Kirks Build.


I hope this Blog, has been useful, feel free to comment, with how you have got on with trying the new Themes, and if you would like to request a certain Theme, please again, feel free to comment, and let us know.


Thanks for reading my Blog. 


Here is some images of the ”Neon Blue Theme”






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