The “Update” system on our Wizard Hub, is an amazing addition to our Wizard. And gives our users the opportunity to update their Build, to the latest “Kirks Build” version, without having to Clear Data, like most other builds.

And if you already have a different Build Installed. You can simply install our Wizard, then when you go to install the KirksBuild V1.0. Just select the “Fresh Install” this will delete your current Build, and Install the latest edition of our Build.

If you already have our Build installed, and we release an update. All you need to do, is scroll to the “Wizard Hub” section, press down on the submenu, and click “Update” This will install the latest version of the Build, whilst deleting the old version.

Once the update is installed, simply select the “Force Close” option. And you have now installed, the latest version of our Build.

You can also update the Build, without losing your Trakt details, and Data, Aswel as Real-debrid details, your Favourites, and any additional add-ons you have decided to add.

To do this, Simply go to the Settings page, of the Website, for the full details “”Click Here to visit our Settings page” for more info on how to do this. If you are having any difficulties, please join our Facebook Group: KirksBuild info, and our team, or members will help you the best we can. We have worked extremely hard, to make the Update addition work, and to now be able to offer this feature to our users, is just incredible!.

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