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One of the most popular questions we get asked is, ”How can I stop buffering”

Nothing is worse, than watching something, and it buffering, or stuttering. A Build does not effect buffering, it is caused usually by internet issues, and there is a few steps Users can do, to prevent this from happening.


Below, I will do a step by step Guide, on how to Clear Cache, Packages, and Thumbnails. But before that, I would highly recommend turning your Router/Modem off for a minute or two, then back on. (I do this at least once a week) And this normally fixes many buffering issues.

Once you have restarted your router/modem, please follow these steps:


First of all, you need to head over to the ”Maintenance” section of the Insomniacs Wizard. (If you don’t have the Insomniacs Wizard installed, then please Click this link . As always, for this guide, I will be using the ”Passion Led Us Here” Build.

(Pic Below)

Once you have clicked ”Maintenance, you will see 4 options (Pic below)

First of all, you need to click on ”Clear Cache”, you will then be asked if you want to delete them, select ”Yes” (Pic below)

Once you have ”Cleared Cache” you then need to scroll down and click ”Clear Packages” (Pic Below)

Once you’ve clicked the ”Clear Packages” you need to scroll down again, to the ”Clear Thumbnails” and click it. (Pic Below)

Once you click ”Clear Thumbnails” you will be asked if you would like to delete the ”Textures13db” folder. (Select ”YES, Remove”) (Pic below)

Once you have sleected the Yes, Remove, it it will force close Kodi.


You have now cleared Cache, Packages, and Thumbnails. And you should now experience no buffering. I can not recommend these 4 steps enough, and I religiously do these steps on a weekly basis. And never experience any buffering issues.


I hope this guide was helpful, if you would like to ask any questions, then please feel free to comment below.



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