Hello, and welcome to our “Clear Thumbs” Guide page, where we will try and explain what “Clear Thumbs” does, and how to use this function.

“Clear Thumbs” is an amazing tool, which is needed, when a user installs a Theme.And is also a way of keeping your device clean, and the files sizes minimal.

Once the user installs a Theme, they need to click “Clear Thumbs” to clear their system, of the old files, backgrounds, And cache etc. Once you click the Clear Thumbs icon, it will delete all the old backgrounds and temp files, and load your new Backgrounds.

Users can also use this function, regularly to clear the Build. Aswel as clearing Thumbs, it also deletes packages, keeping your system clean, And helps with keeping your system running the best it possibly can.

We always advise our users to Clear Thumbs regularly  (around once a week, will do) to make sure that your system, is always clean.

It’s also a good idea, to unplug your Modem, for 5 minutes. This will clear the Cache on your Modem. If you need any further help, or assistance, then please join our Facebook Group:


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