I Started with Kodi Just over 18 month’s ago now and i found Kodi on You Tube by accident. and now i am Hooked. as they say. so i decided to try and do a Build for myself and found lots of great How to Kodi video’s on You Tube and proceeded. to create my first Build that was about 7 month’s ago now. and since then my Build has grown to what i had done to this day with it and all the skin customization changes i have done to it. i think it is a great build it is only 327Mb  but that will change with doing updates ect. also in Gateway Build we Have got wizard with auto build update Notifications and you can save your Fav ect over to the new Build update.and we have our own Apk Installer with all the best Apks that you can Download straight from Build to your Device. we also now have 3 Servers for our Build along with a new additon to the Gateway set up is our own side by side Apk fork for Kodi with Wizard Pre-installed for you. we keep Build regularly updated. you can get Apk direct from your Web Browser at http://gateway.esy.es/apks and select Gateway apk and it will Download to your Device. also you can get our Build from the Wookie in the Community Builds Section 2 Servers for Build and then you can use Url http://gateway.esy.es/Gateway (capital G )  and if you need Build Help or Support then Join us at http:// kodigeeks.com/GATEWAYBUILD

*****IMAGES BELOW REPRESENT SOME OF THE SKIN CHANGES I MADE ********                      all feedback welcome : ENJOY

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