Good afternoon,

A lot of Users, have been asking, when we will be releasing an APK, with the new ”Insomniacs” Wizard.

We are happy to announce, that our new  17.6.1 APK, is now finished..

The beauty of using our APK, is that you can install a different Build to your Kodi set up, and can then have 2 Builds and set ups on your device.

Below I will do a guide on how to install the new Apk, on an Android device. The APK can be installed on all platforms, and devices, that run Krypton (Firestick, PC, Phone, etc) : My apologies for the quality of some of the images, as I had to take them on my phone.

(Please make sure, that you have closed Kodi, before installing the new APK)


First of all, you need to open your Internet Browser, and enter the following URL:    (Pic below)

Once you have entered the web address: into your browser,  you will see the Insomniacs 17.6.1 in the list.  (Pic below)

Once you have clicked the Insomniacs 17.6.1 file, it will then download to your device. So you need to locate the file to install it. I use File Manager HD.. (Pic Below)

Once you click the APK, you will be asked if you want to install it to your device (Pic below)

Click on Install to install the new APK. (Pic below)

Once the App has installed, click on ”Open” (Pic below)

Once you open the Apk, you will be greeted with the Splash screen (Pic below)

And the main screen will load, with the Notification pop up (Pic below)

Press back, and scroll to Programmes (Pic Below)

Once you have clicked on ”Programmes” You will see 2 options: Android Apps, and Programmes. Click on ”Programmes” (Pic Below)

You will now see the Insomniacs Wizard, in the list. Click on Insomniacs Wizard. (Pic below)

You will now see a list of options, Community Builds, Builds Menu, and so on… In this case, I am installing the ”Passion Led Us Here” Build. So I need to go to the Insomniacs Builds Menu (Pic Below)

Then click on the Build you want to install to the App. In my case its ‘PLUH” Build (Pic Below)

You will then be asked if you want to run a ”Fresh Start” Install. Select ”No” (Pic below)

Once you select ”NO” the Build will then start to Download & Install.             (Pic Below)

Once the Wizard installs your new Build, you will see the following message:     (Pic Below)

Click on ”OK” and this will force close the APK. You now need to open the Insomniacs APK,  Please make sure that you have closed down Kodi, prior to opening the new APK. Or it will conflict with the App. Once you open the APK, you will see the Build Splash image load. (Pic Below)

The Build will now load. Please allow a moment, for all the Add-Ons, and Repos to update, and the Builds Menu to configure itself. (I always wait, until the Cleaner has cleared Cache, and Packages)

Congratulations, you have now installed our new APK. (Pic Below)




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