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Good afternoon, and welcome to our Blog, about the APK Installer, which is included in the ”Kirks Build” Here, I will explain, how easy it is, to take advantage of our APK Installer, which is build into our Wizard..

This is a great feature, we have been able to offer our user(s) Making it super easy to install all the best APK’S which are available to Android devices. Please note, the Apk’s will only work on Android devices, and will not work on Windows.

There is many amazing Apps, which we have now added to our APK section, of the Wizard, from Modbro, Live Lounge, Terrarium, Showbox, just to name a few, aswel as the essentials, like Facebook, Deezer, and even a few games thrown in there.


Below, I will show you how easy, it is to Download and Install, the Apps, to your Device.

I apologise in advance, for the quality of the images I am using, and will replace them as soon as possible, with better images.


So, how do you start to install, and use these amazing APK’s? Here we will give you a tutorial on how this works.


  • First of all, you will need to head, to the Wizard Hub section, of the Build. And select APK Installer (See pic Below)


  • Once You select the APK Installer, a list of APK Categories, will show as shown below:

        Once, you have selected the section, you would like to explore, I have selected ”Featured” you’ll see a list.

I am installing Mobdro, just for the purpose of this guide. Once, you select the Apk, you would like to install

You will then be prompted, to install the App as shown below:

Select Install.


The App will now Install onto your device.


Once  the App has installed, you will be prompted, to open the App as shown:

Select Open. Your App is now installed, and ready to use. Enjoy!


We hope this tutorial was useful, if anyone notices, any of the Apk’s not working, you can comment on this Blog, and we will fix the URL straight away.


Thank-You, for reading this Blog.

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