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Here I will give a step by step guide, on how to add your own Links to the TV Guide. Is there a particular Add-On that you use, for Live TV? And want to add it to the Guide? No problem, this can be done in just a few steps, which I will show you below.

(If you are experiencing issues with dead links, or links in the Guide now working, then Please click this link:)

For this Guide only, I will add the Live TV channels, in the Deliverance Add-On to the TV Guide.

First of all, you will need to open the TV Guide (Pic Below)

Now press Back on your remote, or Keypad. And you will see a list of Options. (Image below)

You need to scroll across to Ivue Tools, and click it. Once you click on Ivue Tools, you will see the following options (Image Below)

You now need to select the ”Subscribe” option, at the top of the list. (Image Below)

In the Subscribe section, you will see some Add-Ons, in Yellow, and some in White. (The ones in Yellow, are the Add-Ons, which are already linked to the TV Guide)

So, for this Guide only, I will be adding the LIVE TV section of Deliverance to the Guide.. Once I add this section, it will then add the channels in that Add-On to the guide.

So you need to first of all, find the Add-On you want to add to the Guide, so for this example I am using Deliverance. So I need to click ”Deliverance” (Image Below)

Once you are in the Add-On, you need to find the Live TV Section (Images below)

Just check that the list of channels is there. (Image below)

As in the image above, I can see the Live Channels list is there, so I now know that the Live TV section can now be added, so press back. to the Live TV Section (Image Below)

You now need to hold ”OK” or press ”C” and then you will see a See 2 options Subscribe, and Add To Favourites. Select the ”Subscribe” option. (Image Below)

Once you select ”Subscribe” the process will then start to collect the information. (Image below)

You will then be shown how many streams are in that folder, and will see the following option (Image Below)

Select the ”Yes” option. Once you are asked if you want to add these streams.

The process will then finish, and you will see a message like below:

Congratulations, you have now added 59 Streams to the TV Guide, from the Deliverance Add-On.


If you have any other Add-Ons you would like to add, then just repeat the process.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.



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