A question we get asked regularly on the group, is can an APK or App, be put into a Build. When an APK or App is installed onto a Device. Users usually go out of Kodi, and access the APK/Apps that way.  When they can be accessed within Kodi, and even added to your Build.

In this step by step guide, I will show you how to add APK’s/Apps to your Build. In this tutorial, I will be using the ”Passion Led Us Here” Build, and I will be adding Freeflix HQ & Terrarium TV to the Movie Submenu section. So I can then easily access the Apps I want through the Build.


First of all, you will need to download & install the Apks you want to use in the Build. I have gone to the APK installer, in the Insomniacs Wizard, and downloaded and installed Freeflix HQ, and Terrarium TV…

So, now I have Freeflix HQ, and Terrarium TV APK’s installed. I need to go and add them to my favourites through Kodi.

Head over to the Add-ons submenu section, and click ”Android Apps”           (Pic Below)

Once you have clicked on Android Apps, you will be see all of the Apps, and APK’s which are installed to your device. (Pic Below)

You need to now add the App’s, that you want to add to the Build to your ”Favourites.”  (Hold ”OK” button, or press ”C” on your keypad, for Favourites option) (Pics below)

Now that I have added the 2 Apps I want to add to the Build to my Favourites, you need to head over to the ”Systems” submenu section, and click on ”Skin Settings”  (Pic Below)

Once in the Skin settings, you need to scroll across, and click ”Setup the Aeon Nox Main Menu” (Pic below)

Once in the Aeon Nox Main menu, you will see a box, which will show each section on the left. (Pic Below)

Scroll to the section you want to add the Apps to. So in my case I need to scroll to the ”Movies” section. Then click on ”Manage Submenu” (Pic Below)

Once your in the ”Manage Submenu” you will see the list of all the Add-Ons in that secton. (Pic below)

You now need to click on the ”Add” option, so you can add a new section.     (Pic Below)

Once you click on the ”Add” option, you will see a new <None> icon on the left (Pic below)

You need to  make sure that the <None> is highlighted on the left, then you need to click on ”Change Action” (Pic Below)

You will now see a list of options. (See pic Below)



Scroll down the list and click the ”Favourite” option.. You will now see your ”Favourites” list. Scroll to the App, you want to add. So In my case I will click on Freeflix HQ. (Pic Below)

Once you have selected the App you want to add to your Build, you will be returned to the previous screen (See pic below)

You now need to name the App you have just added, so scroll to ”Set Label” (Pic Below)

Now name your App.  In my case, I will be naming it ”Freeflix HQ” (Pic Below)

Press ”Done” once you have named the App. You will now see the new App you have just added on the left. 🙂 (See pic below)

Congratulations, you have now added your first App to the Build.

Now I need to name my second App (Terrarium) So I just repeat the process. (Pics Below)

Now that I have added both of the Apps to the Build. I return to the main Menu of the Build. You will see a ”Building Menu” icon appear, don’t worry, this is just adding the edits you just made. (Pics Below)

Once the ”Builds menu” does it’s thing, scroll to the section you added your new Apps to, and you will see them in the submenu, as below.


It really only does take a minute, to edit the Build main menu items, and you can add as many APK’s or Apps to the Build sections. Meaning you have all your favourite Apks, and Apps, accessible through Kodi.


I hope this step by step guide has been useful. If you would like to ask any questions, please feel free to comment below.







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