Good Evening everyone,

Some Users of Insomniacs Wizard, have been asking how they can access, and install the Adult Builds, on the Insomniacs Wizard.

Here I will do a step by step guide, on how you can access this folder. (For this guide, I am using the ”Passion Led Us Here” Build.

By default, (For obvious reasons) The Adults menu is hidden. As you can see in the picture below, You can’t see the Adults menu:

So to make the Adult Section show, first of all, we need to head to the Add-Ons, submenu section, and click on ”Programme Add-ons” (As highlighted below)

Once you are in Programme Add-Ons, you will see the Insomniacs Wizard (As shown Below)

You need to highlight Insomniacs Wizard, and hold the ”OK” button, on your remote. Or press ”C” on your pad. Once you do this, you will see a box appear, (as shown below)

Scroll down, and click  ”Settings”.. You will be then enter the ”Wizard settings” (as shown below)

Scroll down to the ”Tools and keep” settings tab, and scroll across. (You will see a list of options. Scroll down to where it says ”Enable Adult Builds Menu” and enable it, (as shown below)

Once you see that the Enable Adults Builds Menu is enabled. Scroll across, and press ”OK” (Shown Below)  Congratulation, you have now enabled the Adults Builds Menu.

Once you press ”OK” You will see the Insomniacs Wizard, in Programme Add-ons. (Shown below)

Click the Insomniacs Wizard, and you will now see the Adults Builds Menu.  To install an Adult Build. Simply click the Adults Builds section (As shown below)

And you will see the Adults Builds, in this section (Shown Below)

Simply click on the Build you would like to install. And the Build will install. (Shown Below)


I hope you have found this guide useful. Feel free to comment below, if yu would like to ask any questions.



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